Terminal junkies rejoice! Now you can use Cucumber to test your command line interfaces just like you do for your web apps. Aruba from Cucumber creator Aslak Helles√ły provides familiar step definitions for testing output, exit statuses, and file system commands. Here’s an example feature file for testing exit statuses:

Feature: exit statuses

  In order to specify expected exit statuses
  As a developer using Cucumber
  I want to use the "the exit status should be" step

  Scenario: exit status of 0
    When I run "ruby -h"
    Then the exit status should be 0

  Scenario: non-zero exit status
    When I run "ruby -e 'exit 56'"
    Then the exit status should be 56

Aruba provides the exit status step:

Then /^the exit status should be (\d+)$/ do |exit_status|
  @last_exit_status.should == exit_status.to_i

To use Aruba just install the gem

sudo gem install aruba

and then require it in your env.rb or any file under features/support

require 'aruba'

Check out the source on GitHub or the Cucumber homepage for more info.

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