serves an average of 100,000 pageviews per month while the podcast serves an average of 160,000 listens per month.

Our readers and listeners are a captive loyal audience of open source developers, hackers, enthusiasts, web designers and developers, design geeks, and other geek professionals and hobbyists. It’s an especially great target audience for promoting developer tools, web services, Mac and iOS apps, and conferences.

Podcast Sponsorship

The podcast serves an average of 160,000 listens per month.

Each episode includes 2-3 sponsorships, which includes:

  • A live on-air read during the show, approximately 60 seconds in length, using your prepared script or an ad-lib guided by your bullet points
  • A brief plug at the beginning and end of the show
  • A link on each sponsored episode page (our site as well as on 5by5)

RSS Sponsorship

We offer one sponsored link-post each week, served directly to the frontpage, RSS, and Twitter feeds, to over 15,000 subscribers.

  • The post will link to a link of your choice; can tell a story, describe a service, or mention a specific new feature or announcement
  • Will appear for 2-3 weeks on the homepage and RSS feed
  • Should include an exclusive offer or discount
  • Tweet each week you sponsor

Weekly Sponsorship (email)

Our weekly email averages a very high engagement rate of 66.91% open rate and a 64.43% click-through rate.

Each issue includes 2-4 sponsored links, which include:

  • A descriptive linked heading and 2-3 lines of supporting text with links

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