Thumbor is a self hosted thumbnail-as-a-service #

Thumbor is pretty impressive. Not only does it take something like thumbnailing, which is always painful, and makes it easy. It has cool image operation out of the box.

It also features a VERY smart detection of important points in the image for better cropping and resizing, using state-of-the-art face and feature detection algorithms

It even sports an east to use API with urls like:


If you’re like me and think thumbnailing is a pain, checkout Thumbor.

node-imageable: Image resizing middleware for Node.js #

Nifty image resizing middleware for Node.js that lets you manipulate remote images on the fly like so:

# resize an image with keeping ratio


# resize an image to given size without keeping the ratio


# crop a specific area of an image


# crop a specific area and resize it with keeping the ratio


# if secret is provided in config/config.json, all urls must have a hash following the resize method (see Hashing)


# use the magic hash code that is valid for all requests, e.g. for testing


# append any fancy name for nice looking urls and image downloads


The middleware ships with some basic logging and request tracking which you can extend with callbacks in your app. Check out the README or sample app for more.

placeholder: Placeholder images for your wireframes #

If you do a great deal of wireframing, then you know the tedium of creating placeholder images for adds, banners, and other fixed items. Adam and I are big fans of for creating placeholder images.

Placeholder from Matt Darby gives you a neat Ruby interface to the service without having to remember URL format.

sudo gem install placeholder

Now we can generate the following placeholder image: Sample placeholder image

with the following Ruby:

= => 400, :text => "The Changelog", :fg_color => "fff", :bg_color => "333")

[Source on GitHub]