Easily Build Mac OS X Status Bar Apps With Python #

From time to time, the thought has a occurred to me that it would be cool if I could build simple native apps with Python. So, I was excited when I found rumps.

Ridiculously Uncomplicated Mac os x Python Statusbar apps

You can’t make full blown apps, but if you’ve ever had a status bar app idea you can use rumps to build it.

Mac PreferencePane for Homebrew and launchd/launchctl #


Opening a new tab in your Terminal and remembering to run a service, or running all your services all the time cause you’re like, “Meh, I code all the time so…,” what’s the difference, right?

Well LaunchRocket is a Mac PreferencePane that makes turning those services on/off easier by giving you a tucked away, easy to use UI for adding, scanning and managing your Homebrew and launchd/launchctl services.

Check out the source on GitHub.