Ruby devs have long profited from powerful testing tools such as Cucumber, Webrat, and Capybara for functional testing.

Now TJ and LearnBoost bring the approach to server-side JavaScript apps with Tobi. Stitching together jsdom, htmlparser, and jQuery, Tobi lets you step through the DOM, follow links, fill in & submit forms, and assert results.

To use, configure Tobi in your test:

var tobi = require('tobi')
  , app = require('./my/app')
  , browser = tobi.createBrowser(app);

The browser object provides the entry point to Tobi. Let’s start by performing a GET to our application:

browser.get('/', function(res, $){


The first argument is the path, in this case the application root. We also supply a callback function that accepts two arguments – the response and the jQuery $ function which allows us to traverse the DOM. We can assert on both:

browser.get('/', function(res, $){
  $('h1').should.have.text("Howdy y'all");

As we mentioned, Tobi can also fill in forms

      'user[name]': 'tj'
    , 'user[email]': ''
    , 'user[agreement]': true
    , 'user[digest]': 'Daily'
    , 'user[favorite-colors]': ['red', 'Green']


… and follow links

$('a.register', function(res, $){


Tobi extends TJ’s should.js project to provide a large number of assertions for testing everything from DOM text and attribute to header fields and status codes.

[Source on GitHub]

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