The Changelog

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[Teaser] #149: React Native Is Open Source

We’ll release episode #149 this Friday – March 27. It features Christopher Chedeau and Spencer Ahrens from the React team talking about React, Reactive Native, Flux, Relay, and GraphQL.

#147: Elixir and Phoenix with Chris McCord

Our guest this week is Chris McCord. He’s the creator of the Phoenix web framework. Chris took us on a deep dive into the Phoenix web framework and Elixir. We covered the similarities between Ruby and Erlang, getting started with Elixir, and deploying Phoenix.

Changelog Nightly Design Updates

Changelog Nightly

When we shipped Changelog Nightly, we got lots of great feedback for it, but not everyone loved the design. Sure the design looks good, but it wasn’t scannable enough. It was too newspaper-like.

#145: 10+ Years of Rails with DHH

Our guest this week is David Heinemeier Hansson, aka DHH. He joins us to talk through the past, present, and future of Ruby on Rails — the most beloved web application framework in the Ruby community.

A Huge List of Koans

Are you trying to master a new language or level up with one you already know? Koans are a great way to hone your skills through small exercises.

#140: Aurelia, Durandal, and leaving AngularJS with Rob Eisenberg

Rob Eisenberg is our guest this week. Rob is a former AngularJS team member, who left the AngularJS team to work on his own startup, Durandal Inc and their first open source product Aurelia, a next generation JavaScript client framework that supports ES6, WebComponents, Object.observe and more.