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Episode 0.2.6 – Douglas Crockford on JSON and JavaScript from TXJS

While at TXJS, Adam and Wynn caught up with Douglas Crockford, author of both JavaScript: The Good Parts and the JSON spec, and a global namespace unto himself.

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Items mentioned in the show:

  • JSON – (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format, easy for humans to read and write.
  • The JSON Saga – how JSON came about
  • JSON.parse, JSON.stringify – Parse and and generate JSON in a standard way
  • YAML – YAML Ain’t Markup Language
  • Douglas says we should scrap HTML5 and start over and address XSS instead
  • ECMAScript 5 – Version 5 of the international JavaScript standard
  • JSONP – Current hack to do XSS with JSON
  • The JSON logo

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