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Episode 0.3.3 – Node Knockout

Micheil and Wynn caught up with Gerad and Visnu from the Node Knockout to talk about the 48 hour Node.js development competition and its entries.

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Items mentioned in the show:

  • Lone Star Ruby Conference – Texas’ regional Ruby conference in Austin
  • Mike Perham – The awesome Rubyist whose name gives Wynn fits
  • Node Knockout – The 48 hour Node.js coding competition
  • Rails Rumble – Ruby’s own 48 hour coding bash
  • Gerad – of Gerad & Visnu, the “data-y” and “product-y” guy
  • Visnu – the “developer-y” and “designer-y” guy
  • Fortnight Labs – the proper name for Gerad & Visnu, Inc.
  • List of great Node Knockout Judges
  • Joyent & Heroku are great places to host your Node.js apps.
  • Express High performance, high class web development for Node.js
  • Connect – high performance middleware framework for node featuring robust middleware for serving static files, advanced routing, cookie and session implementations, error handling and much more.
  • npm is a package manager for node. You can use it to install and publish your node programs. It manages dependencies and does other cool stuff.
  • Node Inspector is a web inspector based Node.js debugger
  • – Websockets toolkit covered in 0.3.1 and used in so many contest entries
  • Go vote for your favorite entries!

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