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Episode 0.8.2 – Ruby Motion, MacRuby and more with Laurent Sansonetti

Wynn and Sam caught up with Laurent Sansonetti to talk about MacRuby, RubyMotion, and more.

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Items mentioned in the show:

  • Bully is Sam’s Pusher client for Objective-C.
  • Get some Cheddar, Sam’s TODO app (soon in the App Store).
  • Laurent Sansonetti, creator of RubyMotion (and MacRuby)
  • MacRuby is an implementation of Ruby 1.9 on top of Mac OS X core technologies
  • RubyMotion is a port of MacRuby for iOS
  • RubyMotion comes with a built-in REPL.
  • RubyMotion allows you to run your application using rake at the command line.
  • Titanium lets you create iOS apps using JavaScript
  • MonoTouch allows you to create iOS apps with C# and .NET
  • RubyMotion is not entirely open source, but the command line toolchain is.
  • Redcar is an open source editor that Laurent likes.
  • RubyMotion allows you to work entirely in the command line.
  • CocoaPods was on a previous episode.
  • The creator of CocoaPods, Eloy Durán is Laurent’s personal hero.
  • Sam Soffes, an Objective-C developer and a Rubyist sees a great fit for RubyMotion.
  • RubyMotion will have a debugger in the future that can run in the simulator and on the device.
  • The REPL will not be ported back to MacRuby.
  • RubyMotion memory management is very similar to ARC, but it happens at runtime.
  • A new version of memory management will be released in a few months.
  • Laurent uses macvim and gdb.
  • Laurent wants to backport the memory model of RubyMotion to MacRuby.
  • RubyMotion ships with a flavor of bacon for testing. Bacon is a small RSpec clone.
  • Laurent mentioned rm-redgreen to colorize your rake specs.
  • Wynn mentioned cucumber.
  • Sam mentioned capybara.

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