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Hyperspider – Declarative HATEOAS API crawler for Node.js

Interesting project from Jed Schmidt to roll up resources in hypertext APIs:

Give it a list of url patterns, and it will recursively crawl your hypertext HTTP API, streaming back every matching endpoint.

var hyperspider = require("hyperspider")

var options = {
  host: "",
  path: [

hyperspider(options, function(err, data) {
  // data is an array with the result entities of 6 endpoints:
  // 1. /users/jedschmidt
  // 2. /users/jedschmidt/following
  // 3. /users/janl
  // 4. /users/cramforce
  // 5. /users/hblank
  // 6. /users/theophani

Source on GitHub.

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