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Reapp helps you quickly build beautiful hybrid apps #

[Reapp]( is a new hybrid app platform built with [React]( What is it, exactly?

> Everything you need to make web-based mobile apps. A UI kit, modules, and a simple CLI.

Reapp uses [Webpack]( to handle modules and [6to5]( so you can use ES6/7 features today. Need more? They built a [Hacker News client]( to showcase what you can do with the toolkit.

Reapp is still in alpha, but it has a lot of promise. [Get started here](

A GitHub-like contributions calendar, but locally, with all your git commits #

[git-stats]( is a neat little command line tool by [Ionică Bizău]( that draws a contributions calendar in your terminal. It might take some [setting up](, but the results are super fun and hopefully inspire you to keep committing! Here’s Ionică’s calendars for the past year:


#140: Aurelia, Durandal, and leaving AngularJS with Rob Eisenberg

Rob Eisenberg is our guest this week. Rob is a former AngularJS team member, who left the AngularJS team to work on his own startup, Durandal Inc and their first open source product Aurelia, a next generation JavaScript client framework that supports ES6, WebComponents, Object.observe and more.

Hound: a lightning fast code search tool #

Etsy’s engineers recently published a code search tool (dubbed [Hound]( that they built to scratch their ever-growing-codebase-search itch.

The search is based on Russ Cox’s [Regular Expression Matching with a Trigram Index]( algorithm, which is served up by a [Go]( back-end to a [React]( front-end.

If your team has many and/or large code repositories and could benefit from a unified, fast search tool, [Hound]( is worth a look.

#139: The Rise of io.js with Mikeal Rogers

Our guest this week is Mikeal Rogers to discuss io.js, why the fork exists, why they choose open governance, the roadmap and future of io.js, supporting ES6, burnout while working in open source, and the steps you can take to get involved with io.js.

Immutable collections for JavaScript #

Facebook is back with yet another bit of interesting open source. [Immutable.js]( provides Persistant, Immutable `List`, `Stack`, `Map`, `OrderedMap`, `Set`, `OrderedSet`, and `Record` collections.

Not sure why these immutable collections could be so beneficial? Read their [case for immutability](

GifW00t! #

A pure JavaScript web recorder.

> Just add one script tag to your page, and users will be able to record and replay their interaction with the site.

I can think of many applications for a tool like [GifW00t!]( What would you do with it?

Should browser developer tools have a “security” tab?

In an attempt to raise developer awareness of web security matters (TLS, CSP, XSS, etc.), Craig Francis [proposes]( that browsers should add a “security” tab to their developer tools. First, he made an [interactive demo]( of how the tab might work. Here’s a sneak peek: Then, he opened tickets for: * [Chrome]( * [Firefox]( * […]

A REST API for any Postgres database #

Can you take your Postgres database schema and programmatically turn it in to a REST API? Joe Nelson’s [PostgREST]( proves that the answer is “Yes”! It also:

> provides a cleaner, more standards-compliant, faster API than you are likely to write from scratch.

How fast, you may be wondering?

> subsecond response times for up to 2000 requests/sec on Heroku free tier.

Interested? Check out the [demo]( or ( which explains his design decisions.

What You See is HTML #

[Voog’s]( WYSIWYG rich text editor is library agnostic, feature-rich, and supports all modern web browsers. Give it a try if you need to provide rich text editing for your users.

#135: EOY 2014 with Adam and Jerod

Adam and Jerod close out the year and give thanks to everyone who helps support The Changelog — everyone from members, listeners, readers, sponsors and our various partners. We also discuss The Changelog Weekly and how we use Trello as a CMS, contributing to the topics we cover through our Ping repo on GitHub and what’s to come in 2015, as well as top topics from 2014.

Refile: Ruby file uploads, take 3 #

Refile is:

> an attempt by [CarrierWave’s]( original author to fix the design mistakes and overengineering in CarrierWave.

Learning from the past can pay off big. Built-in support for [direct uploads to S3]( looks killer.

PhotoSwipe: a JavaScript image gallery with no dependencies #

[PhotoSwipe]( — now in version 4 — looks like a really nice JS image gallery lib from [Dmitry Semenov]( It is framework independent, supports mobile devices, and has optional modules like deep linking via the [History API](