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SimFinger – make awesome screencasts of your mobile apps on your Mac

SimFinger is a screencasting tool from Loren Brichter aka @atebits, author of popular apps like Tweetie for the iPhone as well as the desktop. SimFinger is a Cocoa app for the Mac that adds some polish to your mobile app screencasts by providing:

  • A frame that sits on top of the simulator and adds shine and an iPhone 3G look
  • A halo around the pointer to indicate touch events
  • Ability to set the carrier text
  • Fake apps (and dock badge counts) so that your app isn’t so lonely on the home screen.

Notice that we say ‘mobile apps’ and not ‘iPhone’ or ‘Touch’ apps because a fork from @kreutz adds support for the PalmPre simulator.

[Source on GitHub] [Original blog post] [Palm fork]

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