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Our listeners and readers are a loyal audience of open source developers, hackers, web developers, design geeks, and other nerd professionals.

Our sponsors range from web services, developer tools, courses and learning tools, and conferences.

Podcast Sponsorship

We reach an average of 20,000 unique listens per episode, and our current sponsorship rate is $1000.

Each episode includes 2-3 sponsorships, which includes:

  • A professionally produced endorsement-style spot, approximately 60-90 seconds in length. We’ll take care of writing a script to read from in a natural style that’s guided by your suggested talking points
  • A brief mention at the top of the show
  • A permenant link on each sponsored episode page on our site and RSS feed (as well as on 5by5)
  • View the podcast archive to hear our past shows.

Changelog Weekly Sponsorship (email)

Every Saturday we ship an email to 4,500+ die-hard fans, and our current sponsorship rate is $400/month or $125/week.

We average a very high engagement rate of 62.91% open rate and a 61.43% click-through rate (this is huge).

  • The breakdown is a linked heading, with 2-3 lines of supporting text with links.
  • We take a native, content marketing, approach to sponsored links in Changelog Weekly. Since most organizations treat their blog or content as their inbound funnel we leverage that to send our readers to content that interests them and let your funnel do what it was designed to do, convert.
  • We do all the writing for you so there’s no work on your part at all.
  • Expect an average of 70-400 click throughs.
  • View the archive to see what we’ve already shipped.

RSS Sponsorship

We serve an average of 120,000 pageviews per month. Once per week we publish a sponsored post to 18,000+ RSS subscribers and a tweet to 8,100+ Twitter followers, and our current sponsorship rate is $500/week.

  • We help you make an announcement, tell a story, or help you share details about a new feature, business direction, or your support of open source — use this channel to inform.
  • Essentially a sponsored blog post — you have full control over the content, but we reserve editorial rights.
  • Remains on the homepage for an average of 2-3 weeks, and the RSS feed forever.
  • Including a special offer also helps increase conversion and click-through.
  • Includes a tweet to 8,100+ Twitter followers
  • Expect an average of 130-500 click throughs.
  • View past examples to get some ideas.

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