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#91: Discover Meteor.js with Sacha Greif

Adam Stacoviak and Andrew Thorp talk with Sacha Greif about his new book Discover Meteor, Meteor.js, sustaining open source and more. You can tune-in LIVE on Tuesday’s at 5pm CST. Discover Meteor – Learn how to build real-time JavaScript web apps Telescope, an open-source social news app built with Meteor DiscoverMeteor/Microscope ยท GitHub Sidebar: […]

Deploy Meteor apps to your own server with # is a nice little tool to setup a meteor server and deploy to it. It was written by Simon Ernst because:

Deploying to custom servers should be as simple as everything else in Meteor.

It’s really easy to use, just move into your projects directory. Next, open it up in your favorite text-editor and change the APP_NAME and APP_HOST variables. That’s it! You can now run the shell script from your command line to deploy your code!

Checkout the source or Discuss this on HackerNews.

Why the future of the web is real-time (6 months w/ Meteor)

Special thanks to Sacha Greif for contributing this post. It originally appeared here on The Changelog. When Meteor was first announced in April 2012, the announcement’s Hacker News thread quickly rose to the first spot on the homepage and remained there for a good while. It ended up being one of the site’s most popular […]

Ground Control is a blogging platform built expressly for Meteor. Write in markdown, deploy in seconds. #

While researching another Meteor.js focused opinion post (soon to be posted), I stumbled onto Ground Control from Tom Coleman, which is literally days old in terms of announcement, but 6 months old in commits.

From the announcement post:

Ground Control is still fairly bare-bones at this point, but it does allow you do the following:

  • Write posts in Markdown
  • Set a global email domain for admin users (e.g.
  • Invite users manually if an email domain is not appropriate
  • Publish and un-publish posts, as well as manage your post list
  • Subscribe to the posts via RSS (see the link on the top right)

There’s a lot more that can be done to make Ground Control awesome, and we’d love your help!

Ground Control creator–Tom Coleman–has his own blog running on Ground Control. So, at least the basic concept is out there.

Check out the source or get started.

Meteor JavaScript framework blurs the line between client and server #

Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript framework that aims to deliver the same development experience on the client and the server. The project’s seven principles include:

One Language. Write both the client and the server parts of your interface in JavaScript.

Database Everywhere. Use the same transparent API to access your database from the client or the server.

Meteor appears to be an eclectic blend of proven solutions, using Handlebars for templating and its own package manager to pull in other dependencies.

Check out the introductory screencast and well done project docs for more.