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Introducing dispatch.vim — the asynchronous build and test dispatcher #

Tim Pope‘s dispatch.vim allows you to leverage the power of Vim and it’s compiler plugins without being bound by synchronicity.

From the readme:

Kick off builds and test suites using one of several asynchronous adapters (including tmux, screen, iTerm, Windows, and a headless mode), and when the job completes, errors will be loaded and parsed automatically.

If that doesn’t excite you, then perhaps this video will. Fellow Changelogger, Adam Jahnke said, “I love how he timed the tests to the drum beat.”

Check out the source to dispatch.vim for usage and installation and make sure you share your rating it at

Discuss on Hacker News.

vim-smartinput – Smarter punctuation pairs in Vim #

If, like me, you came to Vim from TextMate, you may miss having certain punctuation pairs closed for you automatically. (This is especially true in Markdown, where you write a lot of [], (), and ““).

Kana Natsuno aims to help you close those sets without getting in the way with smartinput, which comes with Drew Neil’s endorsement:

Check out the docs online or use :help smartinput once installed.

Episode 0.7.7 – Solarized and Linux on the desktop with Ethan Schoonover

Wynn sat down with Ethan Schoonover, creator of Solarized to talk about the science and design behind the wildly popular color scheme as well as his love for Arch Linux. Items mentioned in the show: Ethan Schoonover is a freelance designer, creator of Solarized. Solarized is a sixteen color palette (eight monotones, eight accent colors) […]

#73: Tmux with Brian Hogan and Josh Clayton

Wynn sat down with Brian Hogan and Josh Clayton to talk about tmux, dotfiles, and the joys of text mode. Items mentioned in the show: Brian Hogan speaker, trainer, and author of _Tmux: Productive, Mouse Free development, out now from PragProg. Josh Clayton is a developer at Thoughtbot. Factory Girl – fixture replacement for Ruby. […]

ROFLbalt – Canabalt inspired ASCII side-scroller in your console #

UPDATE: I neglected to credit Dennis Hotson in the original post. This has been corrected below.

While definitely silly, don’t write this Canabalt clone off as pointless. When I stumbled across ROFLbalt, a text-mode side-scroller from Paul Annesley and Dennis Hotson last night, I started to write it up for The Changelog but got sucked into the source. It’s fascinating to see Ruby-based text sprites:

class RoflCopter
  include Renderable
  def initialize x, y, background
    @x, @y = x, y
    @background = background
    @frames = [
        '          :LoL:ROFL:ROFL',
        '  L     ____|__         ',
        '  O ===`      []       ',
        '  L     ________]      ',
        '       .__|____|__/     ',
        ' ROFL:ROFL:LoL:         ',
        '        ____|__         ',
        ' LOL===`      []       ',
        '        ________]      ',
        '       .__|____|__/     ',


Go ahead and clone the source and give it a go in your terminal, but be sure and peruse the code and discover some nifty Ruby.