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WebFinger libraries emerge

Less than 24 hours after Google broke the news of its take on WebFinger, its 21st century take on the Unix finger command, enterprising developers are releasing native libraries for the service.

In case you missed it, WebFinger is a way to get profile information for a user of a service based solely on their email address.

Ruby wrapper

Michael Bleigh at Intridea released Redfinger as a Ruby gem:

sudo gem install redfinger

You can then finger someone from the console:

finger = Redfinger.finger('')
finger.open_id.first.to_s # => ""

Python library

Jeremy Carbaugh from Sunlight Labs (you did listen to Episode 0.1.3, didn’t you?) released his own Python take.

Spotted other WebFinger libraries in the wild? Let us know! Bonus points for one named Goldfinger.

[Redfinger on GitHub] [python-webfinger on GitHub]

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